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Course details & educational paths

  • Target users: students, trainers, consultants, managers, policymakers
  • Occupational outcomes: Sustainability Manager, Digital Transformation Manager, Compliance Manager
  • Language: English
  • Online self-monitored course
  • Certification of Educational Credits offered through EU micro-credentials
  • Course Fee: free (the project is funded by the KA2 Erasmus+ EU programme)
  • The course includes theoretical knowledge, case studies, videos, learning activities and quizzes, in order to provide a more holistic picture of each topic.

Possible educational paths

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What is the SYSTEMA Course

The SYSTEMA Course is an educational program developed through the E+ funded SYSTEMA Project (details below) in favor of educators, managers and students, and aimed at introducing a systemic perspective (through the Systems Thinking approach) in two important (and nowadays extremely “hot”) topics like Digital Transformation (DigTx) and Sustainable Development (SusDev).

The need for Systems Thinking is becoming clearer and clearer every day. In fact, such a perspective will allow addressing the complex, interdependent and dynamic issues happening not only inside each of these two subjects but also across them! Indeed, one cannot successfully transform an organization without rethinking how business/services are offered in a digital way on a daily basis: in other words, organizations do not only need to be digitally redesigned internally but also in the way they interact with their external stakeholders (providers, customers, context, environment, etc.). And you can’t conceive digital transformation without accounting for organizational and business changes that are sustainable for the organization AND for the environment.

Systems Thinking is the lens of intelligent organizations that need to design such transition inside a global process aiming at sustainable development!

The course that you are about to follow is provided FREE of charge (since it was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme) and we hope that it will grant you a brand new perspective not only on Sustainable Development and Digital Transformation but (thanks to Systems Thinking) also on how you approach your personal and professional life every day!


SYSTEMA is a project Funded under the ERASMUS+ Programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships (Agreement n°: 2020-1-IT02-KA204-080082

What are its Objectives and Expected Outcomes

The objective of the SYSTEMA project is to prepare and train in Systems Thinking the next generation of people that will become the trainers, managers and strategists of tomorrow and that will be increasingly needed in public and private organizations across Europe to cope with the important changes that are more and more needed in the face of global threats.

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In unserem Newsletter informieren wir über Neuigkeiten aus dem Gründerkosmos in Frankfurt und Deutschland sowie unsere eigenen Programme & Events.


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