Internationale Projekte

Die zunehmende Globalisierung forciert die internationale Zusammenarbeit. Kompass hat sein Angebot auf die geänderten Rahmenbedingungen angepasst. So konzentriert es sich verstärkt auf Gründerinnen und Gründer mit ausländischen Wurzeln oder Personen, die länderübergreifend gründen wollen. Auch der Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit und Social Entrepreneurships bleibt unverändert stark. Außerdem führt Kompass die nationale Netzwerkarbeit auch auf internationaler und EU-Ebene mit der Akquisition von EU-Projektmaßnahmen fort.


Mit unseren internationalen Projekten zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie davon profitieren.


Sustainable Development will be a fundamental issue that will define policymaking in the 21 st century. However, designing and implementing successful sustainable policies is an extremely complex process, due to their intrinsically multidisciplinary nature. But most of all the risk of implementing an unassessed policy involves potential high costs. Furthermore, the rapidly evolving technology constantly creates new opportunities and threats that may render human actions ineffective. This limit could be overcome by correctly employing not only the latest digital skills and knowledge but also the way we rethink our approach to Digital Transformation (an example of this can be found in the recent Covid 19 crisis, that has shown the crucial importance of a digital transition of our society).


SYSTEMA aims to bring the Systems Thinking approach into two very complex and highly topical issues such as Sustainable Development and Digital Transformation. The idea is to teach policy makers, professionals dealing with these issues, and younger generations how to abandon a "linear thinking" perspective and adopt systemic thinking when they have to face a problem or make decisions. The project also aims to create a stable network of actors engaged in the promotion of Systems Thinking as a privileged approach in addressing the reference issues, and to establish itself as the first stone of a path of change.


The "core" of SYSTEMA therefore concerns the creation and provision of training courses on the topics of Sustainable Development and Digital Transformation based on the systemic thinking approach and intended for specific target groups identified among the categories of interest.


Coordinator: SYDIC

PMBoG aims to create skills on the topic of project management (PM) by using the concept of Edutainment in depth. To do this, it was decided to unite the world of the PM and that of the Board Games. PMBoG project is implemented by 7 organizations in 4 European cities, i.e. Rome, Thessaloniki, Udine and Frankfurt am Main.SapiEnza University of Rome is the lead organization.


Project goals are 1) promote project management literacy among professional, students of higher education and young people in general, through an innovative and student-centered education, 2) design a (print & play) board game and an interactive learning environment that give learners a more experiential training approach and 3) Create a network of organizations that are dedicated to increase public awareness and help none experts learn and understand issues of PM and its complex nature. Management, today, is a competence that has a very strong relevance in almost all fields and is increasingly requested also by people who do not have to become real Project Managers.


Project acronym: PMBoG


Start date: 01.09.2020; End date: 31.08.2022



Coordinator: Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Gemeinsam mit CIM – Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung und Partnern direkt vor Ort bieten wir rückkehrinteressierten Fachkräften insbesondere aus Georgien, Kamerun und Marokko, aber auch aus anderen Ländern Seminare, Netzwerke und Beratungen zum Aufbau einer Selbständigkeit in ihren Herkunftsländern an.


Aktuelle Informationen und Termine können Sie der Website entnehmen. Teilnahmeanmeldungen oder weitere Fragen zum Angebot nehmen unsere Kolleginnen und Kollegen von CIM unter oder 069 – 719 121 153 gerne entgegen.